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Waiting on Wednesday #4

I am a huge fan of graphic novels. I love diving into something new, never knowing what to expect. When I go to my favorite comic book store in Halifax, I know that the people working are going to recommend something I am going to love.  I am totally going to toss them a shout out here – Giant Robot Comics! I love them so much and they always make my husband and I feel welcome when we walk in. It’s a great thing where I struggle with my anxiety. I will also mention that I am not being paid for this by any means or sponsored. It’s just a great place to feel welcome and immerse yourself in your fandoms and likes. They are my go to for my ever growing graphic novel collection. I am in a spread the love mood this Wednesday!

I went off on a little ramble there but now we are back on track! I preordered this a long while ago from Chapters (Before I was preordering at my local comic book store. Now everything goes through them! ), and I am counting down the days until it comes out. ( 20 days! ) I know it has been out for a while, but when I first learned of it I noticed the hardcover edition was coming out. I decided I would spend the extra money for the hardcover. I love all of the hardcover editions from Image, like Chew and Saga which I own in my personal collection. They produce amazing products and it’s one of the reasons I love them so much. My first graphic novel was from Image and it left a lasting impression.


Without further ado:

by Grant Morrison (Writer), Chris Burnham (Artist), Nathan Fairbairn(Colourist), Simon Bowland (Letterer)


I first read about this from a review online. It spoke so well of the series and Grant Morrisons work. I have yet to read something from him, so this will be my first time when it comes in. All the reviews I have read have been incredible and some shared pieces of the comics. The artwork looks fantastic and gruesome.  This is one horror story that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.


What graphic novels are you looking forward to this year?

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