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Top Ten Tuesday – Ten reasons I Love Reading

Top Ten Tuesday is put on by the wonderful humans over at The Broke and Bookish.

I’m super excited about this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. It gives me a reason to brag about why I love reading so much. It’s such an important part of my day because books are my thing. They have been my thing since I was in elementary school reading the same copy of Oliver Twist over and over. All the amazing book smells and stunning spines. Books are a beautiful thing.



Here are my ten reasons for loving books.

  1. I have made some amazing new friends from reading. The book blogging community has been so welcoming and amazing.
  2. Getting the chance to talk to authors on a daily basis still blows my mind. I still get all giddy with the fact that I get to have amazing conversations with authors such as Jodi Meadows, Louise Gornall and so many more.
  3. A good book can teach you things you didn’t know before.
  4. The walls of my room are covered with shelves of wonderful colored book spine.
  5. FACT: Hot chocolate tastes so much better while reading a book.
  6. FACT: Cupcakes ALSO tastes better while reading books.
  7. Owning so many books is a great reason to buy all kinds of beautiful bookmarks!
  8. Books can take you on the wildest of adventures and leave you trying to catch your breath.
  9. Books are small enough to put in your purse so that you may avoid awkward situations in public if need be.
  10. Books can make you feel so many amazing emotions. They can make you cry, laugh or smile like a fool. It’s like having a good friend when you need one.

Sarah LeBlanc

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