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Top 5 Book Covers of 2014

This year, while buying books for myself, I came across some AMAZING covers! And as i’ve mentioned tons of times before, I ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. ( Not my worst book habit, but it’s bad. )

So today, I am going to share with you my top 5 book covers of 2014.  This list is based on my feelings and the books I own!

1. My True Love Gave To Me –  by Numerous Authors

I kept seeing this book ALL over Instagram. I saw both covers, , and I knew I wanted the book from reviews I had seen, but knew the moment I saw this one, I NEEDED it. I love the colored pages and how the colors pop so well. Plus, I was looking for more Christmas books to read this holiday season.  I have started this and a review will be coming soon!

My True Love Gave To Me

2. The Miniaturist – by Jessie Burton

This had been on my ‘to buy’ list since I first heard about it. I didn’t know about this edition until, once again, it popped up on my Instagram feed. I don’t know what it is with the colored pages, but I am a sucker for them. I love them so much. I have not read this yet, but it’s on my TBR list for the new year!

The Miniaturist 2

3. The Entire Newsoul Series – by Jodi Meadows

I need to be clear with this, even if Jodi was not my favorite author, I would 100% still have these books in my life. I absolutely love these covers, they are amazing and go so well with the story. Perfection is the best word for these. Check out my review of ‘Incarnate’ here.

Newsoul Series

4. The Ice Dragon – by George R. R Martin

I found this beauty while walking through Wal-Mart. The cover caught me first, then the INSIDE of the dust cover which is just as amazing as the front! I will have a review of this beauty coming up in January.


5.  The Lunar Chronicles – by Marissa Meyer

These covers are so incredibly sexy. I love them so much. When I snapped this photo and pulled it up on my computer, I squealed. They are absolutely amazing. They stand out on shelves, and I love the pop of red on each book. This is by far one of my favorite photos I took in 2014 of my book collection. Check out my review of ‘Cinder’ here.


( These were in no particular order. ) I look forward to finding so many more amazing books in 2015, with amazing covers! ( And taking photos of those books! ) What was your favorite cover of 2014 or of all time? Leave it below in the comments!

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    Gorgeous!!! You are making me want to own a book with coloured pages! 🙂

    December 11, 2014 at 7:53 pm Reply

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