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Sunday Street Team – Saving Montgomery Sole

Saving Montgomery Sole by Mariko Tamaki
Published by Roaring Brook Press on April 19th 2016
Pages: 228

In sight not seeblack light not be
This is the curious instruction that comes with the Eye of Know, the possibly powerful crystal amulet that Montgomery Sole buys online for $5.99. It’s also the next topic of discussion at Mystery Club (members: Monty and her two best friends, Thomas and Naoki), dedicated to the exploration of the strange and unexplained.
When Monty wears the Eye of Know, strange things happen, all targeted at people she despises. Maybe it will help Monty take down her newest enemy, a preacher who has come to save her town from so-called sinners—sinners like Monty’s moms. Or will its mysterious powers mean the end of the friendships Monty cherishes most?
Mariko Tamaki has created a thoughtful, funny, and painfully honest story about family, religion, ignorance, and other unsolved high school mysteries.



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It was an honor to read and review this book for Pride Month! A lot of people close to me know this but I am pansexual. It’s very important to me to spread love to those who struggle with their identity as we all know how difficult it can be to find yourself as you’re growing. Since my girls were very young, we’ve always taught them that love is love. They know it’s acceptable for a man or woman to love whom they choose. I’m so proud to be Canadian where it’s accepted so much up here. It makes me even more proud as a Canadian to know a pride flag has been raised on Parliament Hill here in my beautiful country.

Love is love.

Saving Montgomery Sole was a look into something that so many people struggle with on a daily basis. Not just homophobia, or religion but the fact that sometimes we’re quick to judge a book by its cover too soon, based on the religion that person follows. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve done this as well. Many times before. It’s a bad thing that happens that even I can admit to doing. When I read about Reverand Whites son attending her school, I automatically thought the worst.

Kenneth ended up being the black sheep compared to his father. Montgomery mistook something happening at school and automatically thought the worst. When she found out that Naoki was talking to Kenneth, she automatically thought the worst again. Jumping to conclusions is never the way to handle a situation. She just saw one of her best friends talking with the son of a homophobic preacher and thought the worst. Jut like I did.

When someone is raised in a house that preaches hate, most times you find that the people are raised to hate people based on their religion, skin color or sexual orientation. Sometimes this is not always the case. This is why we need to learn more about people before we assume the worst in them.

Montgomery had the most amazing mothers. I love how they approached the situations that took place, and how they gave Monty the space to deal with things until it came to a point where they needed to sit down and talk to her. They really loved both of their girls My heart hurt so much reading about their families and how they didn’t love them for who they are. If one of my girls were to come to me and tell me they were gay, I would welcome both them and their spouse with arms wide open. Nothing would change. It hurts my heart so much as a parent knowing that this isn’t the case for most teens who are LGBT. I want to find the ones pushed out and hug them. I want to tell them that not everyone in their like is like that. Not everyone’s heart is full of hate.

I loved Montgomery so much, but I have to admit that my favorite was Thomas. I admired him more than words can say. It takes a strong person to keep your head held so high and walk past the haters with a smile on your face. I personally wouldn’t have been that strong. Actually, in high school, I wasn’t. I could never walk with my head held that high, but Thomas could. You see many points in the book where he is being called out for being feminine and gay, but he doesn’t let him get it down.

You could really see Montgomery growing throughout this. She struggled with the flyers from Reverand White, but the moment she bumped into his event and found no one there was the moment the realized that not everyone is full of hate. It’s sad that families like hers deal with so much hate in the world. I hope that sometime in the near future that it becomes easier, and the world becomes more understanding.

When it comes to the Eye of Know, I feel like everything that was happening was bound to happen anyways. I think the situations she felt were caused from the necklace were nothing more than coincidence. Karma for the girl on the bench at the game and Matt ended up having a medical problem in general. Could it have been more than this? It’s very possible, but I feel like all the necklace did was breed more of her anger towards everyone she was already having harsh feelings towards. I’m glad she ended up sending it back in the end.

Also – Would anyone like to start a mystery club? I need one of these in my life to learn more about the interesting subjects that came up in this book!

I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone interested in reading LGBT books. Even if your mind is closed off to the idea, I think you should try as well. It gives a look into what it feels like to have hate fired at you for no reason. It also shows that not everyone is full of hate. Sometimes you need to learn more about someone before you judge them based on where and who they come from.


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