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Before She Ignites: An Interview with Jodi Meadows


Before She Ignites (Fallen Isles Trilogy #1)

by Jodi Meadows

496 pages

Expected publication: September 12th, 2017

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books



Mira Minkoba is the Hopebearer. Since the day she was born, she’s been told she’s special. Important. Perfect. She’s known across the Fallen Isles not just for her beauty, but for the Mira Treaty named after her, a peace agreement which united the seven islands against their enemies on the mainland. But Mira has never felt as perfect as everyone says. She counts compulsively. She struggles with crippling anxiety. And she’s far too interested in dragons for a girl of her station.


Then Mira discovers an explosive secret that challenges everything she and the Treaty stand for. Betrayed by the very people she spent her life serving, Mira is sentenced to the Pit–the deadliest prison in the Fallen Isles. There, a cruel guard would do anything to discover the secret she would die to protect. No longer beholden to those who betrayed her, Mira must learn to survive on her own and unearth the dark truths about the Fallen Isles–and herself–before her very world begins to collapse.

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It’s been a while on the blog since I’ve done a review or an interview and I will explain why in a few days but for now, I am SO excited to have Jodi on the blog once again for an interview with the new release of her book ‘Before She Ignites’. Jodi has been one of my favorite authors ever sense I found, read and fell in love with her first book Incarnate from the Newsoul Series.  ( Who doesn’t love Sam. *Swooooon*) So when I was given the chance to interview her and ask some questions about the new book, I jumped on board and sent some questions in that I wanted to know the answers to!

I hope you love this interview from Jodi as much as I do! She’s an amazing woman and an even more amazing friend.



Sarah: How are you feeling with the release of this new book in your life?

Jodi: New books are always a mix of excitement and terror, but one of the great things (or not so great) about publishing timelines is that I’m almost always on deadline for my next book as release day approaches. Which means instead of focusing all my anxiety and worry and hope on the book that’s about to come out — which is finished and I can’t control anymore — I pour everything into the new one that I can still control.


Sarah: ‘Before She Ignites’ has a gorgeous woman of color gracing the cover. With this, Twitter had lots to say about it both positive and negative.  How do you, as an author and a human being, handle the pressure of people judging you for something you did, which I feel was 100% positive for the book community?

Jodi: In publishing, there are lots of things that are out of an author’s control. Covers are one of those things. Reactions from readers and the community also fall under that umbrella. The only healthy response I know is to try to understand issues from other people’s perspectives — both positive and negative, as you said — and use that as I move forward.


Sarah: With so much going on in the world, young people are finding themselves full of anxiety and panic. You speak out so much about it on your social media platform, which I feel is so important for us to do, so people don’t feel like they’re alone when things feel dark. What are your recommendations to your fans and others when they feel they can’t handle what life is throwing at them?

Jodi: I’m not a mental health professional, so take this with a grain of salt. But when I feel overwhelmed, I break things down into manageable chunks. I try to take one step at a time, rather than run the whole marathon in a single stride.

Like Mira, I organize things. I buy boxes and put stuff inside them. I make lists of what I need to accomplish over the next week or two. I prioritize and allow myself grace when I fall behind on something. (Even though Ihate getting behind and letting people down.)

It isn’t easy, but accomplishing small goals is extremely satisfying and keeps me moving forward when the entire task seems impossible.


Sarah: You’ve been working with Cynthia and Brodi again; Are there any other authors down the road who you would love to be involved with for other future pieces of work?

Jodi: There absolutely are other authors I’d love to work with one day. C.J. Redwine and I have tossed around the idea of writing something together, and there’s a whole dream list of authors I think are amazing. But it’s really a matter of finding the right project and the time to make it a reality.


Sarah: Are there any books with dragons that you yourself LOVE that fellow reader may not know about? Books that are not as big as say GoT or other titles?

Jodi: THE SHADOW QUEEN by CJ Redwine has some pretty epic dragons, as does her DEFIANCE. SERAPHINA by Rachel Hartman is one of my go-to dragon books, and SCORCHED by Mari Mancusi had time travel plus dragons.



Sarah: What books have you been loving so far in 2017 that you would suggest your fans and fellow readers check out this year?

Jodi: Although this has been a slow reading year for me, there have been some real winners in the mix. I recently listened to the audio of THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS by NK Jemisin; talk about amazing worldbuilding! THE GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE by Mackenzi Lee was simply delightful. FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS by Julie C. Dao was such a strong fantasy debut with an unflinchingly ambitious anti-hero in the center of the story. CONTAGION by Erin Bowman was the perfect mix of science fiction and horror — just scary enough without giving me nightmares for life. And GIRLS MADE OF SNOW AND GLASS by Melissa Bashardoust is a sharp and lovely take on Snow White.


Sarah: If you could go back to when you first started writing and give yourself a piece of advice now that you have so many books under your belt, what would it be?

Jodi: I would ask myself to build. Be ambitious, and always look forward, but be willing to build.

A lot of writers feel that if they don’t have massive success with their first book, that’s it. Career over. But that isn’t reality. Build a strong foundation, and then climb.  


A HUGE thank you to Jodi for taking the time to answer my questions. If you haven’t checked out her new book yet, you absolutely should. Links and where to find it are all available in this post. <3


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