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Aphonic’s Bookish Christmas Card Project 2017

It’s (Almost) that time of year again!


Last year I did my very first Christmas Card Project in the book community and it was a big success! A lot of people signed up and took part in the fun, so this year I thought I would bring it back again!

What exactly is my Bookish Christmas Card Swap you ask? Well, let me fill you in!

Last year, I started this project because there was a lot going on in the world and I felt that maybe some friends in the community could use a smile during the holiday season! So here is how it works:

If we’re friends on Twitter or Social Media and you’re part of the community and you could use a smile this holiday season, or you just want a Christmas Card from me, you sign up in the Google Document below and I will send you a Christmas Card. It’s that easy! It doesn’t matter where you are!

You can also choose to send a card/cards to someone else who has signed up and to also receive cards! You choose how many cards you want to send and to where in the world you want and there you go! It doesn’t need to be a big fancy card, dollar store cards work!

We don’t often get cards in the mail anymore and it’s just the BEST feeling in the world!

Get those pens out and come join me on my adventure for my second year! Lets spread some happiness and joy this holiday season in the book community! A simple and small act can turn someones grey day into a bright day. 🙂

If you want to join in the fun this year, you can sign up HERE!


** I will be closing this to participants on the 27th of November!


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