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Waiting on Wednesday #2

It's Wednesday all over again and I am so behind with getting posts up since so much has been going on in life. Never the less, I really wanted to share another book I am looking forward to this year! 2016 has so many titles coming out that make me want to just toss money at the bookstores. This week shouldn't come as a shock to many people, depending on how much we talk on Twitter.  Jodi Meadows is not only one of my favorite authors but she has truly become an amazing friend in my life. She is an automatic preorder for me and I can't wait until it gets to the point where I can order her Forgotten Isles...

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***SPOILER ALERT*** Oh man. This book went into situations a lot of people avoid, and it hit the ball right out of the park. Sex is an uncomfortable subject for some people. Not just teens, but also adults. I didn't know what this book was about until after I preordered it. I had seen so much talk and wonderful reviews about it on Twitter that I knew I had to jump in and see for myself what was so amazing. Sometimes Twitter lets me down for book suggestions, but this one was freaking awesome! I have a love for books that touch on subjects that make people squirm. Mercy was quite the character with a heartbreaking past. Near the end of the book...

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