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The Extraordinary Adventures of the Original – Nerd Blast!

    [caption id="attachment_443" align="aligncenter" width="395"] The Extraordinary Adventure of the Original by Sean Miller[/caption]  Synopsis  When the people of Tower City face a new subterranean threat, who do they call? What will they do?! They turn to the worlds first superhero, The Original! This fun, all-ages, 30 page story focuses on an early adventure of The Original in his younger years and gives the secret origin of a popular character from the main series! This issue was written by creator Sean Miller and drawn by the super talented Jeff Mitchell. It also features a pinup by Paolo Rivera! Where to Purchase - Anchor Comics   ABOUT THE AUTHOR   I'm Sean Miller and I'm the founder and creator of Anchor Comics, based in Stockton, CA. My most notable work is on...

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